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Release Date: 15 August 2008 Genre: Romantic Comedy Run Time: 152 Mins Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan Music: Vishal & Shekhar Story: Aditya Chopra Produced By: Aditya Chopra Directed By: Siddharth Anand Why do girls always fall for the wrong guy? Their mothers warn them about him. Their friends shake their heads disapprovingly. Their minds tell them to escape while the going is good. But no! oh no! Their hearts are another story. You see, they are sending all the wrong signals. His name alone is enough to scramble their brains and set their hearts racing. Meet Raj. He is the stuff of dreams, with the looks of a butter wouldnt melt in my mouth good boy. Who can blame him for falling in love as many times as love is fortunate enough to find him. Its not his fault that hes a heartbreaker, its in his DNA. Come discover his three love stories; Raj and Mahi, Raj and Radhika, Raj and Gayatri. Different ladyloves at different times in his life. And each of them, teach him a little bit about love and a little bit about life, in their own sweet, sexy or sassy way. Come fall in love... three times..

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Tags: Ranbir  Kapoor  Minissha  Lamba  Bipasha  Basu  Deepika  Padukone  Khuda  Siddharth  Anand  Jaane  KK  Shilpa  Rao  Lucky  Boy  Sunidhi  Chauhan  Hard  Kaur  Aahista  Ali  Shreya  Ghoshal  Jogi  Mahi  Sukhwinder  Singh  Shekhar  Ravjiani  Himani  Small  Town  Girl  Shankar  Mahadevan  Kishore  Kumar  Sumit  Vishal  Dadlani  R.D.Burman  Majrooh  Sultanpuri  Aditya  Yash  Chopra  Bollywood  India  Hindi  Film  Movie  Indian  Cinema  Studio  Song  Music  Singing  Dance  Funny  Comedy  Romance  Love  Emotion  Drama  Passion  Romantic  Hot  Sexy  Couple 


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